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Tohoku growers seek to export more flowers overseas

Asahi News 07 May 2023
Yutaka Sasaki, 34, and his wife, Yui, 33, were attracted by the lure of baby's breath flowers, and made their debut as growers earlier this spring ... Growers of the flowers in Showa are hoping to excite buyers overseas as well ... One baby’s breath grower is earning 20 million yen a year ... All that helps stabilize the prices, which benefits the growers.

Disabled man in SW China’s Yunnan brings prosperity to rural residents through vegetable planting

People Daily 01 Mar 2023
His gongcai products are sold to countries like South Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Zhou organizes regular training sessions for growers who sign contracts with his company. To help growers reduce costs and earn more, Zhou’s company and cooperatives formulated planting guidelines for them, ensuring that the cost per mu is less than 600 yuan.

'Biochar' increases rice yield in Nueva Ecija

The Manila Times 15 Jan 2023
"Amending" the soil, a suggestion from the Singapore-based Alcom Pte ... for greater rice yields, worked for Filipino growers like Lauro Medina ... Jefrey Disameto, another Nueva Ecija farmer, has noted that his fellow growers just leave the rice husks outside rice mills and the husks ...

Very busy start to Asia Fruit Logistica in Thailand

Fresh Plaza 02 Nov 2022
Export countries well represented from Asia are Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea, with a few companies from Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Pakistan ... Serbian apple growers, traditionally supplying Russia, are promoting their crop to buyers in India, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Australian avocados: a big hit in Singapore and Malaysia

Fresh Plaza 18 Oct 2022
Australian avocados are a big hit in Singapore and Malaysia. An ad campaign promoting Australian avocados in the Asia-Pacific region has smashed digital campaign projections, directly engaging almost two million people in Singapore and Malaysia alone.

Fungicide-spraying drones displayed at rubber institute

Business Line 29 Sep 2022
The demonstration was attended by representatives from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and rubber growers from disease-affected areas of Kerala ....

"Growers from other countries across the world reached out to us to develop export programs ...

Fresh Plaza 09 Sep 2022
Over the last few years Rob Kent has built up a network of growers for whom he facilitates the export. Having spent time previously in Singapore, he made the decision ten month ago to move out to Singapore to better serve his clients by being closer to the markets ... The main markets will be Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

“Growers must focus on exports”

Fresh Plaza 23 Aug 2022
The growers in mid-chill ... With the increasing production volumes and concentrated harvest, the prices were significantly less compared to previous years, which shows us that growers must focus on exports, especially alternative markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and such.

Why California cuisine is having an unlikely moment in one of Asia’s food capitals

The Los Angeles Times 09 Jun 2022
SINGAPORE —  ... Guests arrive at Rosemead restaurant in Singapore as chefs work at the open kitchen ... “I got baked in Singapore,” declares a pink neon sign outside the bakery famed for its “cruffins.” ... Celery root cappellacci at California Republic restaurant in Singapore ... “Two Jewish kids from the East Coast in Singapore.

Singapore: Supplying modular aquaponic farms to the 3 C’s

Fresh Plaza 11 Apr 2022
As an agtech, we want to supply customers with the know-how and the technology behind vertical farming that makes efficient growers, says Nelson Tan, founder of V+ Farm, a Singapore-based hybrid vertical farm. It all started two years ago when Singapore went into lockdown and food security became a national issue.

Below the Line

Business Line 03 Apr 2022
Expressing surprise and concern over the import of arecanut from UAE and Singapore, some stakeholders said this is an alarming and dangerous trend for the domestic growers ... “We had heard that UAE grows dates, we did not know that it also ‘grows’ arecanut,” said a stakeholder sarcastically, adding UAE and Singapore do not grow arecanut.

China: RCEP will open new doors for Xuwen County pineapple growers

Fresh Plaza 18 Mar 2022
... trade agreement, pineapples from Xuwen were exported to Singapore for the first time. Most of the pineapples sold to Singapore come from a local businessman and pineapple grower, who owned an export business in Guangzhou but chose to return to his hometown.

The startups developing synthetic palm oil to save the world’s tropical forests

GreenBiz 24 Feb 2022
While a growing number of palm growers are certified, the approach has limitations, said Janice Lee, an environmental scientist who studies palm oil at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. For instance, it can be difficult to certify smallholder growers, who collectively represent most palm oil production in some regions.

Atherton avocados head to Singapore

Fresh Plaza 10 Feb 2022
While the shipment to Singapore is a welcome step for export, Queensland growers are also calling on the Federal Government to establish access to the lucrative Japanese export market, to put them on an equal footing with Western Australian growers, who are already exporting to this important market.

IFAM helps lychee exporters reach US markets

Fresh Plaza 10 Feb 2022
In this case study, President of the Australian Lychee Growers Association, Derek Foley reports ... There are more than 250 lychee growers in Australia ... Previously reliant on the Hong Kong and Chinese markets to supply the bulk of their product, Australian lychee growers are now zeroing in on their existing links into the US.

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